Our Vision…

The development of a country depends on success of the productive system.It is our great anticipation to provide the most modern techniques to you and also to establish a sound industrial development throughout the Sri Lanka.
LED means an ultra modern apparatus which is used to minimize prevailing destruction & wastage of power. Thereupon since there is no LED production within our country we are compelled to import all that. It is very essential to import these to our country, but it is much better to spend a lesser amount for raw material than the completed product. If encouragement & motivation is given for such an arrangement of production is wiser and more suitable. OUR VISION is to witness a successful productivity in our country by means of this method.
At the same time by spreading such productions in our country we expect to curb down the power wastage to its least. This thought should be the most important in this system.
Through the action of importing LED and distributing it although we expect to gain profit, we make it appoint to help and provide them the knowledge of electronic techniques and raw materials at a cheaper rate and to create new entrepreneurs. We are prepared to provide all facilities to those who desire for it for the same in future. We look forward to introduce all modern techniques to Sri Lankans for their benefit. Also we shall spread and increase these techniques all through out in Sri Lanka and setup small-scale industries within our country. In addition to this our foremost idea is to fulfill our country with many such creation and to make our development a roaring success in all fields.

Our Mission…

Through the usage of electronic knowledge which we have been using for some decades. Also to use our international connections & relationships and get down the best raw materials & ingredients found in the world’s technical fields. To place these all in your hand is our foremost duty.
We attempt hard to create a productive system in the technical field in Sri Lanka. There in this attempt, We could purchase all raw materials and ingredients at a very cheaper price altogether at the very first. But the small – scale industrial folks try to purchase all these individually through importing, they won’t to be able to buy all that at a cmaya-checkheaper price than ours. We shall make them an offer enabling them to buy all things at a lesser price in OUR PLACE.

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